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The dear old Crossword, now approaching its centenary, stands at the head of a large family of word puzzles. Chat Crosswords feature two of the most popular types: the straight or concise crossword, and the cryptic.

The cryptic crossword has for many years been a mainstay of broadsheet newspapers. For this reason, our puzzles are edited to the same general level as those you'd expect to find in The Times.



A Codeword is a special kind of crossword: there are no clues and all of the answers are placed in the grid, but they are in code. Each letter of the alphabet appears at least once in the grid, and each has been substituted for a number, from 1 to 26.

In a Codeword, a single letter is always represented by the same number, wherever it appears in the puzzle.




Killer Sudoku is deemed to be one of the most challenging of Japanese puzzles, hence the rather unpleasant name. While it can be devilishly difficult, it is, in fact, a rather pleasing conflation of Sudoku and Kakuro.

In addition to the rules of normal Sudoku, the sum of the digits in each inner shape (or cluster) must equal the number in the top-left corner of each shape.




Kriss Kross and Fitword, two very similar puzzles, are both hardy perennials, constituents of all puzzle magazines.

They are all about putting words in their place, finding the precise locations for all listed word in the grid. For every puzzle, there is only one possible solution. 





Hanjie is a Japanese puzzle often described as the thinking person’s painting by numbers. The aim is to fill certain cells in the grid to form a pixelated picture.

The only clues provided are numbers at the end of each line. By taking a logical approach to these clues, the solver is able to deduce which cells should be filled and which should remain empty.

Gradually, a picture takes shape. As with all the best puzzles, the rules are quite short and simple: fill cells in each row and column so the arrangement and sequence of filled cells corresponds to the clues. Note that there must be at least one empty square between adjacent blocks.


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