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Each issue of Hanjie contains 45 of the exciting picture-forming puzzle!

The puzzle is neat, elegant, easy to understand and deceptively simple. The solver does not have just the satisfaction of successfully solving a purely logical puzzle but the pleasure of seeing a pixelated picture form before their eyes as the squares are filled in and they turn logic into art!

Only very simple counting and addition are required to solve many of the easier puzzles. But Hanjie offers a wide range of difficulty levels and the harder puzzles can be very challenging, requiring the solver to spot just where a logical deduction can be made. However, there is no trial and error and only a single line needs to be examined at any one time. Discovering the logic needed for yourself is highly rewarding and there are also guides to the sort of thinking that is required. Many solvers who began with easy puzzles have developed into 'experts'.

The magazine is printed on clear white grids ranging in size from 15x15 to 30x30 and offering various levels of difficulty. An introduction on how to solve the puzzle is provided in each issue and only a pen or pencil is required.

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